Friday, October 29, 2010

69 - Tweet song of the week

Tweet song of the week: The Beach Boys during a 1967 rehearsal doing their version of The Box Tops' "The Letter"

05 The Letter by industryofhumanhappiness

and here's the original version by the boxtops

and to get you guys in the halloween spirit, here's brian wilson doing "the monster mash"

Friday, October 1, 2010

68-tony curtis and arthur penn

i’m sure you now know but tony curtis and arthur penn have passed…


here’s some audio of me giving my thoughts on tony curtis…

Tony Curtis by industryofhumanhappiness

tony curtis ... thankyou

here’s a link to see more pictures of tony curtis
click here

one of the last interviews with one of the last stars standing, tony curtis
click here

arthur penn, the director of " bonnie & clyde " and " little big man " has passed. a joyous career

click here for paris match article on arthur penn