Tuesday, October 27, 2009

34 - harvey kubernik's "canyon of dreams"

Harvey Kubernik appears on pgs 140-44 and 250-51 of the second part of my autobiographies, 2STONED. He does so because in 2000 i was sitting with mr. and mrs. Lou Adler (Page my dear) in the Hollywood Bowl. we were awaiting the only (as opposed to lonely) Beach Boy, Brian Wilson to waltz us through the very first performance of "Pet Sounds." this performance was with the Wondermints, baton waver Van Dyke Parks and a 60 piece orchestra.

brian wilson,wondermints

it was a night to remember, as well as the night Harvey Kubernik came up and introduced himself to Lou and I.

I am so glad he did. I was almost past the age where one makes friends easily, and with Harvey thatz what happened, and my life (at least)and perhaps his, has been the better for knowing him.

His knowledge of our game makes him one of the rare birds left one can have an unedited conversation with. He knows that Russ Titleman played guitar on the Phil Spector, Paris Sisters cut, "I Love How You Love Me", that Mo Ostin called Jack Nitzsche in to arrange a Soupy Sales record date( R.I.P and thanks for the body of fun ). Also which wall, in which cafe, in Venice my favorite actor Laurence Harvey sat and scribed his name on the wall.

It is more than his knowledge - it is his love, and with his new book, "Canyon of Dreams" love has come back in spades and given us what surely must be, the Music Book of the Year.


Plz get it and decide for yourself. This is our time, our John Adams, our Thomas Paine. The love has finally come together with the skill and the times portrayed. This book is a must.

In addition I have to thank Harvey for introducing me to Steven Van Zandt . For that I am forever grateful as a few years after we met at the late Mayflower Hotel overlooking NY's Central Park. Steven invited me to find my voice on his Underground Garage where I have been privileged to serve for nigh on five years.

Harvey has served the game for 40 years, with the power and glory of " Canyon of Dreams " the game looks as if it's finally serving Harvey.


here are some photos, harvey was kind enough to allow us to share from his book:

Buffalo Springfield @ Hollywood Bowl-April 29, 1967

Buffalo Springfield,Neil Young,Hollywood Bowl,Canyon of Dreams,Harvey Kubernik
photo by: Henry Diltz

Donovan KHJ @ Hollywood Bowl-April 1966

Donovan,Hollywood Bowl,Harvey Kubernik,Canyon of Dreams
photo by: Henry Diltz

Doors @ Hollywood Bowl-July 5, 1968

The Doors,Jim Morrison,Harvey Kubernik,Hollywood Bowl,Canyon of Dreams
photo by: Henry Diltz

Sky Saxon (Seeds) @ Hollywood Bowl-April 29, 1967-1

Sky Saxon,Hollywood Bowl,Canyon of Dreams,Harvey Kubernik
photo by: Henry Diltz

Michelle Phillips & Mama Cass (Mamas & Papas) @ KHJ Hollywood Bowl-April 2, 1966

Michelle Phillips,Mama Cass,Mamas and Papas,Hollywood Bowl,Harvey Kubernik,Canyon of Dreams
photo by: Henry Diltz

Lou Adler w- dog in Laurel Canyon-May 1967-Nurit Wilde

Lou Adler,Laurel Canyon,Canyon of Dreams,Harvey Kubernik
photo by: Nurit Wild

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Monday, October 5, 2009

33 - sex on tv

the two events of last week as regards the ludicrous end of show biz have to be the roman polanski arrest in switzerland and the mackenzie phillips "consensual incest" with papa john phillips (revelations just in time to promote her book.)

she did OPRAH

she did everything and did her father in. geraldo rivera this past weekend showed clips of some of his earlier interviews with miss phillips; in one, she held a 3 year old kiddie and said the kiddie (hers) had straightened her up.

in the next clip she admitted she'd lied to get on television.

now we were not there but papa john was a heroin addict (and god knows what else) and my experience of heroin is that, heroin is sex itself and actual sex is not really necessary.

we were not there, and i know and papa john danced with many devils. however, given what books do not sell, was it worth it?

all the leaves are no longer brown.... they are shit....



as for roman polanski...yes he had sex with a 13 year old girl (according to some published sources). this was at the time california was already undressed.

ok...he broke the law and skipped the US before sentencing, however the "13 year old girl" already had sex with her boyfriend that morning (and the girl's mother was the next best thing to a pimp and would have fucked anybody to get on the right side of the hills.)


the LA times has it right and has it wrong. if a crime is a crime how come they didn't arrest ted kennedy before he passed? the lady in that dunking died, did she not?

anyway the swiss are throwing the US a polish bone, hoping to get some leniency on the UBS bank scams.....

and then there is the other side of the polanski story, and perhaps this is it....