Wednesday, September 16, 2009

32 - mick taylor


we had been wondering how mick taylor is (we often do), but more so after he canceled a recent stream of US dates "due to illness."

so here's an update mostly from the lad himself from the UK DAILY MAIL.

must say the house looks okay, i once saw a railway station for sale near where mick lives and they wanted 200K for that. hope he's healthy.


it might be a little late to get wealthy unless he's stronger than methinks. the law is a strange mistress and the stones may be a whore. and why not? whatz not in the article is that mick signed off when he left for 30K or 3K, but, according to all the villains and likely lads, he signed off.....

Saturday, September 5, 2009

31 - 2000 light years from home

here's a labor day goodie from those lads of labour, fun and strife, the rolling stones. enjoy and huge thanks to otto von ruggins for flying it in. a wunderbar, family filled labor day best to you all. - ALO

this text was taken from

"Call me disputatious—or not, it’s entirely up to you—my favorite Stones album is Their Satanic Majesties Request. It’s the only one I play all the way through anymore. It sounds great as one great big, trippy chunk. It’s a great headphones album, too. Most Stones fans hate it and see it was a weak attempt to out weird the Beatles after they’d unleashed Sgt Pepper on the world, but to me, it’s just a thing of beauty, with the normal Blues-based Stones sound thrown out the door, and replaced with a colorful sonic palette the likes of which they would never return to. I’m not saying that it IS the best Stones album, I’m just saying it’s MY favorite. (My favorite Stones song, is Monkey Man, followed by Stray Cat Blues, then (Doo Doo Doo Doo) Heartbreaker, dark horses, all, I grant you. I’m also partial to Don’t Know Why I Love You, but the Glimmer Twins didn’t write that one, so it doesn’t count).

If you ask me, the Stones “demonic” phase, inaugurated, if you will, by their association with the Magus of Cinema, Kenneth Anger, was when the Stones were truly on fire. Mick was still quite into his Satan/Lucifer thing well into the Let It Bleed/Gimme Shelter era, but after Altamont, Jagger was often seen wearing a crucifix around his neck, perhaps seeking to put down all the hoodoo Age of Horus energy he’d raised? Have sympathy for the poor devil. Jagger had a current running through his body during the Sixties that killed quite a few of his contemporaries. Today, like a rock and roll Dorian Gray, he hardly looks any worse for the wear.

Here is a seldom seem pop video—so heavily influenced by Kenneth Anger that I always assumed that he’d directed it, but it seems more likely to be the work of photographer Michael Cooper, who not only shot the cover for the Satanic Majesties album jacket (which was originally issued with a fantastic 3-D lenticular cover (I have one!), but Kenneth Anger’s Lucifer Rising film as well. I had a copy of this on a Japanese laser disc, comically followed by a clip of Pete Townsend in full Mod drag sternly criticizing the Stones for their then recent marijuana busts. (It’s always the bluenoses who have the really outrageous vices, isn’ it?). Other than that, I’d never seen it anywhere, but here in the YouTube era (we’re living in the YouTube era, didn’t anyone tell you this?) some kind soul has liberated it for our viewing pleasure. Take a look, it’s great"


30 - hitler an oasis fan

oasis have finally split. love or loathe them, they kept the very idea of iconic pop on the move. i loved them even if i didn't always enjoy them. so did adolf..... enjoy, o