Monday, July 21, 2008

blog 17-koop soup and ronnie


long time no write. let's have a little catch-up. our mate, mr. al kooper, went on stage with brian wilson recently to sub for a missing jimmy webb. "made a dream come true", said al, when i spoke to him from bogota to somerville late last week. "one of the highlights of my guesting career." and al has done some guesting in his time.... bob dylan, the rolling stones, george harrison and a whole power more.

let us never forget his blood, sweat and tears debut LP. it's a case of you had to be there...there as in america when the LP came out. it was a new day in vinyland and the concept of artist and recording, kooper was the kingmaker that day. he was to the disc and our music what tim burton would later be to film. i can tell you, we were stopped in the tracks of our fears (yes, as a pal told me i could never resist embracing a cliche, pun of flay on words...there i did it again, meds must be working....natural ones that is...) with BS&T...

not unlike in the UK a couple of years earlier the move, produced by denny cordell and later jimmy miller, and managed by the true joker of rock'n roll, tony secunda.
a birmingham band led by the ever so talented dude, mr. roy wood. one of the greatest imaginations our brit-pop world ever reared. their records were amazing, a warning flag just as the first BS&T LP was that it was time to go back to the drawing board...the goalposts had been moved and there was a new game to be played.

the length and breadth of whatever is possible had just been tape, and i mean tape, tape measured into something new. we also got to salute al for his lynyrd skynyrd LP's; that is really when he was the tim burton of rock.

so al goes on stage and does the bridge of "don't worry baby" with brian. a classic moment in west coat national anthems. he also tooted the keyboards on "help me, rhonda".

al has a big honor coming up in october in nashville. he's going to be in great company. here's a link musician's hall of fame. he and i were born five days apart, four and one half if you knock off the distance from the US to the UK. he is an american treasure and like the best of american treasures he knows who he is and who you are. oh, yes, and he's also played with the who.....


we spoke of roy wood above. let's give a moment to the pathetic shenanigans of ronnie wood.

ronnie coming home

his dad was an alcoholic, so is ronnie. he has been slippin' and slidin' for so long it's time for him to stop this week long or whatever, checkin' into rich peoples detox centres. as soon as he is fit enough for a drink, he'll leave and start the whole loop again.

whatever your faith or your following let's have a prayer said or a moment of silent knowing, said wishing, ronnie wings of strength and the determination to beat this fuckin' disease. i was at an AA meeting in LA a few weeks ago, and one of our hosts, when it came to his time to speak said, "i'm doing great but every day I remember this disease is just looking for ways and the opportunity to to kill me. whilst it's doing so, take me back to hell."

ronnie. wishing you strength and the brain to get it together. for your family, for the other one, the three chord wonders known as the rolling stones, but most of all, buddy, for yourself....

if you cannot get up in the morning and love yourself, who else are you gonna be able to love ?

maybe ronnie hawkins......

get well, babe, get proper.... DAILY MAIL


i just want to thank all those who wrote to say how much they were enjoying our new alternative 9 PM WST west coast slot. covering both ends of the day on steven's underground garage is a privilege and honor.

be well, be fare. best from bogota, o