Wednesday, September 16, 2009

32 - mick taylor


we had been wondering how mick taylor is (we often do), but more so after he canceled a recent stream of US dates "due to illness."

so here's an update mostly from the lad himself from the UK DAILY MAIL.

must say the house looks okay, i once saw a railway station for sale near where mick lives and they wanted 200K for that. hope he's healthy.


it might be a little late to get wealthy unless he's stronger than methinks. the law is a strange mistress and the stones may be a whore. and why not? whatz not in the article is that mick signed off when he left for 30K or 3K, but, according to all the villains and likely lads, he signed off.....


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Haw Haw Harry said...

Nice find, Andrew. I too was wondering, "what ever happened to...". Perhaps Mick Taylor never wanted to be found... final act...fall of encore...

What is The Rolling Stones if not some modern Greek tragedy?

The Rolling Stones plot must include a hero who has distinguished himself as "great" in some significantly musical way. The hero commits some sort of "violation" that is inevitably drugs. There is a notable reversal or plot twist as a result of that violation. The hero suddenly recognizes his own responsibility for that sudden change of fortune. The tragedy ends with a purging of the emotional catastrophe, often the death of the hero at his own hands.

When you think of it, Mick's life is as tragic as Brian's, in its own way.

Chris said...

Recent news have said he's fine and loves the boys. I think the Stones albums with him are some of their strongest. Ronnie's much, much cooler and plays a meaner slide, but Taylor really added some finesse to the group.

Chris Naish
"With the Garage Folk sound of Billy Bragg and Jack White - Chris Naish is a swaggering musician who makes every concert feel like a party at Tom Wait's house."

l3thFl said...

Andrew, reading this account of Mick's and why he left the Stones (to get away from the drugs) made me wonder what would have happened if he hadn't. Would all of us be remembering him as another Jimi or Janis or Morrison? (and the flip-side, what if those 3 had done what Mick had done? Would Jim Morrison be living in someone's basement today, bloated, broke and bitter?) I wonder which is better? No one can disagree that Syd's last 30 years weren't pretty for anyone, even his Mum. (Speaking of which, those who were eyewitnesses to the psychic crumblings of many of the acid casualties of the 60's = Peter Green, Skip Spence, Sky Saxon, Roky Erickson = often blame sinister hangers-on (usually Germans)with overdosing them, but they are never identified...was there really a band of Nazi-satanists overdosing rock stars with LSD in the 60's, or is that just a myth to relieve the alleged victims of any personal responsibility for their own conditions? Would love to have your perspective in a future blog (as you may have an eyewitness account of the goings-on some 40 years past.)