Monday, October 5, 2009

33 - sex on tv

the two events of last week as regards the ludicrous end of show biz have to be the roman polanski arrest in switzerland and the mackenzie phillips "consensual incest" with papa john phillips (revelations just in time to promote her book.)

she did OPRAH

she did everything and did her father in. geraldo rivera this past weekend showed clips of some of his earlier interviews with miss phillips; in one, she held a 3 year old kiddie and said the kiddie (hers) had straightened her up.

in the next clip she admitted she'd lied to get on television.

now we were not there but papa john was a heroin addict (and god knows what else) and my experience of heroin is that, heroin is sex itself and actual sex is not really necessary.

we were not there, and i know and papa john danced with many devils. however, given what books do not sell, was it worth it?

all the leaves are no longer brown.... they are shit....



as for roman polanski...yes he had sex with a 13 year old girl (according to some published sources). this was at the time california was already undressed.

ok...he broke the law and skipped the US before sentencing, however the "13 year old girl" already had sex with her boyfriend that morning (and the girl's mother was the next best thing to a pimp and would have fucked anybody to get on the right side of the hills.)


the LA times has it right and has it wrong. if a crime is a crime how come they didn't arrest ted kennedy before he passed? the lady in that dunking died, did she not?

anyway the swiss are throwing the US a polish bone, hoping to get some leniency on the UBS bank scams.....

and then there is the other side of the polanski story, and perhaps this is it....



Laura Marsh said...

I always enjoy listening to you on XM/Sirius. I was listening to you this past Sunday on Sirius/XM. What was that you said about the 5 kinds of men? Unrelated to your blog topic, but of interest to me, nonetheless. Take care.

Chris said...

Well, I guess you know how to promote your next book.

Chris Naish

Haw Haw Harry said...

Where the offense is, let the axe fall. The theme is revenge which, when forced up a hill, returns with a greater violence - just like a rolling stone. And by one of those seemingly bizarre and extraordinary coincidences, just as Polanski was being arrested, the news emerged that Susan Atkins had died in jail, thereby proving America's willingness to sanctify revenge in the name of justice. Is this what they call karma?

GoonrGrrl said...

Andrew - Love ya, man, but I can't go with you on either of these, sorry. I saw too much abuse of women/girls when I was in the industry, and talked to too many of 'em. If women are coming out and talking about it now, it's b/c it's taken them this long to get the courage - they STILL face ridicule from industry mooks if they speak out. It's the industry's dirtiest secret, and I KNOW you know it.


Mr. Oldham, Your daily show on The Underground Garage is my favorite radio show. Your long and cosequential career in music makes your commentary on the greats of the past and present a treasure.
Keep it up !
BTW : What do mean Steve Miller stinks? 'cmon !