Tuesday, July 28, 2009

25 - al kooper & dr. john,

a show we should all have caught. lucky albany...


July 25th, 2009 - Albany, NY
Al Kooper on organ, Dr. John on piano and in a rare appearance Ziggy, the drummer from The Meters tear it up for an appreciative audience.


bill nighy is a terrific actor. from the time i saw him in 1998's STILL CRAZY with billy connolly and all his other great stuff, i fell in love with the geezer. he is also a super fan of the stones and conducts himself well. he also gives a funny and informative interview so i thought i'd share it with you. enjoy, o

CLICK HERE for interview with bill.

clip from STILL CRAZY:

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Peter said...

Great post Andrew, loved your book 2Stoned, you are the MAN!