Saturday, March 6, 2010

50 - i got you babe

we have been blogless for about a month. busy times.

my birthday on january 29th put me finally on route 66.

on february 14th my wife esther and i celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary. finally a long play record! we zoomed off for ten days in paris.


the above photo was taken by my eldest son sean, who lives in london and flew over to paris to assist in our celebration.



this month i'll be guesting at the beatles fest in NJ. the festival takes place march 26th-28th in east rutherford.

click here for more info. hope to see some of you there.


these past couple of weeks we have had to say adios to a couple of pals.

doug feiger, who wrote "my sharona" and founded the knack passed from cancer after a long, long fight.

i reunited with doug some eight years ago when i visited LA and attended the same "friend's of bill" meetings.

he will be missed, his music, courage and way with the world. he was a great example to his fans, friends and family.

john zambetti informed me today that another pal, eric greenberg , passed yesterday in LA. for the past ten years whenever i have visited malibu in california i have always taken the time to stop and chat with eric whilst he worked at radio shack in the colony. sir anthony hopkins used to do the same, so did rod steiger whilst he was alive.

eric had a lot of fans in our business. he was a bright spark, always enthused about a broad range of music and entertainment. his love of the arts and crafts was a tonic to all those who knew him and were sensible enough to drop in for a catch-up.

eric will be missed but his joy remains with us.

take care of each other, be careful of the careless word, be sure to have gratitude and masticate. best, o


Purple Mini Music said...

Great picture of you and Esther. You both look absolutely stunning!

t-bone_hwy61 said...

Thank you for your eloquent tribute to Eric. I met him 12/18/97 on the floor of the El Rey Theater awaiting His Bobness. He became my greatess Dylan mentor, and we became close friends, watching 12 Bob shows side by side. Thanks again.