Sunday, March 7, 2010

51 - mick and may

two of our recent subjects of my irregular weekend feature "conversations with..." are may pang and mick rock.

here is an accurate piece on the world of john lennon & may pang and a redaction of my conversations with mick rock, the latter in response to all those of you who e'd me asking for some clarification as to what on earth we were talking about.


here's a link to an interview with may: click here


and here's a link to mick: click here

enjoy the both and the day. best, o


joe said...

andrew i have over 350 books on the deserve cmuch more recognition for their early success.your ideas were brilliant.being the stones fanatic that i am ,i was wondering if you know the birthdate of tony chapman,who was the original drummer for the stones at their very first gig at the marquee

GoonrGrrl said...

Awesome - I've been hoping this would show up.

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